Living Shadow spell?

  • The Living Shadow spell says that it raises your attributes by %25. But, my question is, does it affect spells I already casted, or do I have to cast Living Shadow first?
    Like, I use the CloudKill spell. Can I cast CloudKill on the first turn, and then cast Living Shadow on turn 2, so it's Live when CloudKill does its damage? Or, do I have to cast Living Shadow on the first turn, and then cast CloudKill on the 2nd turn? To get the %25 attribute increase bonus to the damage? If you don't understand me, just ask.

  • Tested it out and you have to have Living Shadow applied at the time Cloudkill activates in order to get the damage bonus.

    Castings Living Shadow then Cloudkill will not boost Cloudkill's damage since Living Shadow only lasts 1 turn and falls off before damage, but casting Cloudkill then Living Shadow will boost Cloudkill's damage because Living Shadow is still active when damage is done.

  • Personally the benefit of Living Shadow is not worth the 5 slots and the 8 heat for only 1 round duration, personally I think it should be at least 2 rounds.

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