phone gets hot

  • phone type Xperia z5
    Android 7.1.1

    phone gets hot after 10 minuts. Hot, like: "I realy don't want to touch that without gloves, hot"
    If I consider, that it needs 2 minuts till all that start-loading-booting-login-loading-.... , uh is finished and that it need also a minute after a battle to come back to the map, there is not realy time to collect herbs.
    And yes I measured this times and it is not just "feels like" ;-)

    Is there anything I can do against it? Help please?

  • Get a phone case. Maguss needs a lot of processing power, and that's what makes your phone hot.

    It may also be old or have a bad cooling, but I don't know that phone, so I can't say for sure.

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