2 Weeks?

  • There was supposed to be an update with an official launch of season 2, and we were told this was an in between time, yet the other day I received a message saying Season 2 is over and there hasent been an update.... What is going on? We were told we would know ahead of time when a season was going to end? Can anyone clarify?

  • @theeo on the facebook site there is a post to searching for new developer in the team, i think maybe some of the devs left the team or similar problem and so delaying the new update

  • I was thinking the same thing but didnt want to say anything.

  • administrators

    Hello guys, sorry for the delay. We are still working on a new update. PvP bugs are really bad and fixing them takes ages. Please, be patient. We are also designing new content and I think you have a lot to look forward to :)

  • @maguss i wish i would to play even bugged PvP battles, but with the current matchmaking system so high the lvl difference between me and my opponents and they decline the duel. And i cannot blame them because of it. I dont know how exactly the current pairing works, but but think that opponents on the same lvl or less lvl difference is must be the first priority.

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