Alpha Key perk 24 hours

  • I recently bought alpha key perk ($28 and within 24 hours) and i noticed that I didnt get a email confirmation/receipt right away for my purchase. I was wondering if my email receipt would come after 24 hours with my android alpha key. if it doesnt then im worried that ive typed the wrong email and you might of sent the key and receipt to a non existent account. is thier someone in tec that can verify thia for me. thanks again

  • @sweatyslaps

    If you did get the first email, then the second will come to the same address. If you are beyond the 24hours and have checked your spam folder, you might try to personal message or PM The developers on the Facebook page.

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  • @robynoakwise
    Thanks for the reply, so I checked all my email folders and I didn't recieve the first email for the purchase. Do the devs have an email that I can reach them if not ill just use the Fb messenger.

  • FB messenger is way faster.

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