season ranking/classification reward question to dev team

  • Hi maguss team,
    I did pretty good in season 2 of pvp and got to first place in the leaderboard at 250 points. When I look at the screen of my division however, it shows I only have 230 points, which would put me below two other people. I've confirmed that one of them is still lower than me due to the same issue, but im not sure about the other. Possibly people could even have this issue in reverse, and have more points that the leaderboard shows in actuallity. On top of that the classification reward i got looks blueish silver so like im not sure :/. Therefore, I'd like to request someone from the maguss team to confirm my actual standing in the season 2 leaderboard, or if I got the correct rewards.
    I've posted screenshots of my division screen, leaderboard and rewards below. (they're pretty huge for some reason though)
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @arno-geukens You show in 1st place on my Global ranking.

  • the rank points I had at the end of season dropped by 30 odd points not sure why coz I stopped PvP about a week before the end coz ppl kept declining.

  • @antony-hollinsworth There is a PvP point decay that is not really documented or communicated anywhere, you will lose points if you do not play consistently but it is only reflected in the UI and rankings after you complete another PvP duel. Or in the case pointed out here, when the season ends.

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