Fenrir trouble?

  • I am a level 40 Paladin. The only monster I have trouble with is called Fenrir. Barkskin worked great for the Djinn, but not the Fenrir.

  • @stevenrice well what to know about this Fenrir? I am lvl 32 so dont meet yet this monster, but what spells does it use?

  • @greybow I recorded a battle for you.


  • Fenrir is a low defense, high empower monster. It hits hard and fast, using Power Slave to keep casting damaging spells like Trick, Energetic Strike, and Dark Force.

    You need to be mitigating its damage and healing yourself to stay alive. It does not have a straight up counter like Barkskin for Djinn, but its weakness is that it casts Power Slave and takes 25% max HP damage each time, so it has less HP that the average Tier IX monster. My suggestions are to weaken it's Empower with Infirm, boost your Defense to survive more hits, and have some healing to survive long enough to kill it. Alternatively, if you are Evasion focused, you can use Replicate to try to avoid hits, but the higher tier monsters have pretty high Concentration stats so its really dependent on how high you can boost your own Evasion.

  • personally iv not had a problem with this 1, but Titans there a pain in the ass...

  • @stevenrice Watched your video, here's some things I noticed:

    • You do not have spells assigned to 4 slots, why? You are putting yourself at a disadvantage from the start by not maximizing your options.
    • Barkskin is useless 90% of the time, only use it when vs. Djinn.
    • If you are an Evasion based build, Replicate is the first spell you should cast every fight and never not have it active.
    • Vitalize is a good healing spell for longer, drawn out fights. You need a heal that applies instantly, have you tried Regrowth?
    • Your only offensive spells are Cloudkill and Mirrored Destiny; Cloudkill is slow and you don't run the buffs/debuffs that make it strong; and Mirrored Destiny has some niche applications like vs. Ghoul's Fumble, but I don't think its a good fit for this fight.

    What is your class, gear and stats? I'd be happy so share some suggestions but I need more info first :)

  • @stevenrice That head equipment is wasted on this monster as it only gives infliction defence so anything would be better.

  • @stevenrice use Mirrored Destiny in the first three round. It will save you and make big damage to the Fenrir. Change your healing spell to Heal Serious Wound, it use only two spell slot, good after a Mirrored Destiny. Also use Obscurement, it use only one slot so you can even repositioning your MD effect against the fourth or fifth slot. And it will prevent the Fenrir using its fifth slot to casting Trick. And you will need cool down spell, Cool Off or risky but best the Rejuvenation. In same round Heal Serious Wounds.
    And let the Fenrir cast first, see the amount of heat he uses by spells and you will know what it casted so use Mirrored D cleverly. Always keep in mind who is the first in the round. For exmaple not use MD if you are the first and Fenrir cast one slot with five heat then two slot without heat because that is Power Slave and your MD will broke. But use it if you can mirroring Dark Force or the three slot spell.
    This tactic is good but heat consuming, but against so aggressive and big damageing opponents it is good. Well, if i think it twice, your best option to use Power Slave too! In the third round after MD! It take only your max hp not your current and so give you two additional round to casting MD with the extended heat limit.

  • @greybow power slave does 25% of your max HP as damage when cast, not reduce max HP by 25%.

  • @greybow Do you think you could record a battle using your methodology? If you need help with the recording process, I can help you with that.

  • @stevenrice here is the way I take Fenrir out: Stats for that battle where EMP: 43 (+36 Inf), DEF: 54, CON: 40 (+29 vs DA) and EVA: 26.


    This vid is just using legendary tier 1 set and a +18 health ring


    Fenrir has a base Empower of 49 and Defence of 39

  • @stevenrice i made three video, with some app that rec screen, not the best in tactic and not against fenrir (i am mid lvl) but using the Mirrored Destiny, Hheal Serious Wounds, Rejuvenation and some damage spell.
    Jotunn (i dont counted the enemys heat, so many times casted MD against wrong three slot spell)
    Ghoul (predictable, only attacking spell is four slot)
    Flame spirit (dont counted enemy heat made me made lot mistake, long battle with lot of Rejuvenation)

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