New person, login issue/stuck at intro

  • Hi, sorry to be a bother, hope this is the right place to ask. Playing on a 2016 Samsung galaxy J3. After I verified my email , I was sent to the intro but wasn't able to get past the first speech bubble, when I tapped the screen it would repeat the same thing, so I tried closing the app and reopening it. Once I did that I tried logging in and it didn't go through saying "locked" . I tried making another account with a different email ( which I guess wasn't the best idea) and I had the same issue up to the locked account. Was just wondering if there was anything I could do or if I should just wait until tomorrow and try my luck then. Thanks for your time, looking forward to joining the community! :)

  • Apparently there are some connection issues... We're several players here reporting no login possible. So it's not directly related to you, I guess.

    We just have to wait... and see ;)

  • Try again. Should be fixed.

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