PVP issues

  • When you sit there for 5 minutes trying to find a PVP match, but you keep getting matched with a level 50 player... it's, uhm... it's not good. Has there already been a lot of talk surrounding PVP in the forums? I think it could use a rework...

  • next update should sort this as you will be matched by lvl, I think it will be something like:

    lvl 5-10
    lvl 11-15
    lvl 16-20
    lvl 21-25
    lvl 26-30
    lvl 31-35
    lvl 36-40
    lvl 41-45
    lvl 46-50
    or there about

    will make for some odd results in the leagues tho unless there will be a separate league for each group.

  • @antony-hollinsworth that would be awesome lol I found out that the person that I kept being matched against was ranked #3 for global, so as it is currently, the matchmaking is definitely broken. I guess until more players join up though, they might prefer that over not being matched with anyone.

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