Any way to *lower* my Herblore rank temporarily?

  • Chamomile is nice, but I have no use for it. What I need is Sage. Now that I can find Tier II, I get great diversity, but as a journeyman Herblorist, I am less efficient at brewing than an apprentice Herblorist. Can I please have a way to go back to being an apprentice temporarily so I can make potions?

  • @aristos

    Hi aristos,

    I am not sure what you mean. I find all varieties of herbs even at 50th. The frequency goes down on some of them, yes. It is sort of an incentive to explore more I guess.

  • @robynoakwise That's my point -- if I was a high level Herblorist in real life, my ability to find the specific herb I need in my environment should go up as I rank, not down. The frequency dropping is the problem... I'm looking for the ability to bump the frequency of a particular tier temporarily to reflect a skilled searcher looking for just the right ingredient.

  • @aristos

    That might be a great example of being able to, plant your own pots as a crafting feature. 😉

  • I would actually prefer it this way:

    • Frequency of low level herbs (e.g. level 1) should appear 5 x more frequent than level 5 herbs (if any, I'm not there yet)

    Reason being,

    • low level herbs and essentially, potions still have uses. (we don't want to end up with 500 intel pots and 0 agility pots)
    • when the game releases, and if the herb spawns are "shared amongst players": it would be super hard for newbies to farm/level herb.

    Also, Chamomile is super useful!

    I guess, we'll see how it turns out with herb packs being released soon.

    EDIT: Just realised we can have a new feature. Something like a "Black market Trader" or "Exchange market" where people can trade a certain item for the item we want, of course with a loss. depending on rarity.

    e.g. 20 chamomile for 15 ginger.
    or 100 ginger for 1 oil of black death.

  • @tc4237

    I am sitting on 1k plus of all the herbs as I gather twice a day. I blow through my tonic each night as well do my potion storage is not had either. The real pain is not being able to even attempt the top level potions as the rare herbs are not implemented nor do the beans work.

  • wow... i've barely 100 of the more common herbs.

    Yeah, i agree, the resource beans dont seem to be working right now. can't find the "tapping" point.

  • Global Moderator

    There are plans for trading to be implemented in the future, so you will be able to buy herbs from Battle mages and buy potions from the Apothecary's.

    As for Herbs, you see the same spawns, but you each get your own, and may not even get the same herbs (haven't tested with a side by side gathering, but may do that soon). The issue is spawn points. Each spawn point has a chance to spawn an herb, as you go up in Herbology, the number of potential herbs also grows, so the chance for a specific herb to spawn goes down. Lower level herbs have a high chance of spawning, with a higher amount spawned, again based off your level. But yes, as you gain skill, due to the limited spawn points, your chance for certain Herbs becomes less.

  • I’ve found a similar problem to OP post, but not to the degree. I have not, however, found any lavender sprigs necessary for the herblorist potion. Like, not a single one. I don’t know if that’s intentional for now or...?

  • @morpheus

    Zero lavender here too. So frustrating....

  • Global Moderator

    There are several herbs that are not currently in the game, Lavender Sprigs is one of them.

  • Would like to suggest that Base herbs get even more spawns than the rest. Specifically, sandal wood. It's being used in most potions. Doesn't make sense that its spawn rates are the same as the rest.

    Right now, I keep getting higher level herbs.

    Edit: also, some areas have double spawns. It's a bug.these areas can be easily identified by creatures of the same type spawning in "pairs". This bug just appeared after the recent update.

  • @tc4237

    I have so many herbs I can not possibly use them all. Oh for the ability to trade, or send a raven with a package. Lol

    I do explore a lot and as such have hundreds of each herb and some over 1k. I get a pretty good ratio at max level herbalism though I wish beans worked so I could use these recipes that sit on the shelf and mock me. Lol

  • You do walk a lot.

    My sage and ironwood bark are in the 200 range.

    Ginger, crabapple, MM, wasp stinger and chamomile in the 100s.

    The rest in the sub 100.

  • Global Moderator

    I can't tell you the exact formula, but the last I was aware, the lower levels are supposed to have a higher spawn rate, as well as a higher amount when collected, based off your Herblore skill. However, it is relative. As you get a higher herblore, you get more herbs available, making the level 1 herbs have a say 35% chance to spawn, but the level 2's have a 28%, level 3's have a 20%, the level 4s a 12%, and the level 5's a 5%. you still only have a 35% for the low level herbs, but a 65% chance of another level spawning.

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