User does not exist

  • After the latest update I'm no longer able to login to the game. I've been using the same account since the original indiegogo campaign back in 2016.

    I have tried to login on an Xperia and Pixel 2 and both say the user does not exist.

    Any ideas? It's pretty bad if I've lost all my original backer rewards and real cash items.

  • @phrexic
    I had got the same issue. Maybe a whole reset?

  • They had changed how the ID system works in game, now I can't login with Facebook and a test account I've made with another email before the update is locked.

  • They shouldn't have deleted the user, that would remove all the real money items, monster packs and about 800 magic dust that I had as a backer reward for not getting a wand.

    If that's the case, a lot of people will be owed money back as they essentially 'deleted' our money. I'm hoping that's not the case and the users will be restored soon.

  • Same problem, all my two accounts via email address

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