One ad per potion now?

  • After watching a single ad to speed up my Rejuvination potion, the ad icon now has a lock on it. Is this a permanent change? If so, very disappointing. Keeping my Bazaar tokens maxed out was the main point of potion brewing for me, and I really liked being able to get potions I could actually use at the same time. If we're limited to one ad per potion, I might as well trash any herbs that aren't Ginger or Rosewater.

  • @antieuclid I believe this is a change for the better if so. I haven't checked it yet but it did seem to make the game a bit too easy, being able to accrue endless tokens. I'm for this change. also smarter on the Devs part if they want the game to sell. (gotta make money somehow. better this way than pay to win. it's smarter in the long run.

  • I think they did this because the amount of ads they can ask is limited, so if 1 person watches all, others can't ...

  • I aggree that ads are limited, most of time i cant watched ads even for daily login or by leveling up because there was no available ad, it was frustrating and others only used ad watching for speeding up potions...
    And you will collect ingredients and brew beacause of bonuses the potions can give in pvp.

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