No cauldron to start with?

  • When I got the game working, I signed in by pressing the Play Store button on the left side. It signed me into the same Gmail address as my main account. But I started with nothing, as if I was brand new. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I skipped the tutorial. I'm having trouble killing anything. I went to the Brewing screen to try to brew a health potion. It showed that I have no cauldron to brew with. And it costs 3,000 gold coins to buy a cauldron. But my health is so low, I can't kill any monsters. I'm stuck. Is the game trying to get me to spend money on Magic Dust?

  • Apparently uninstalling and reinstalling the game can help you get back to your old character. I haven't had that problem myself but there are several threads about it.

  • @antieuclid Thanks. I just cleared the data from the Maguss app, and I was able to sign into my main account. So the account with no cauldrons is now an alt account.

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