Feed back on new update

  • Hi just wanted to pass on some of my personal feedback.

    First I love the new maps, but the zoom function still needs some work. if possible when zooming out I would prefer to see more of the surrounding maps.

    Champions love them, are currently a big challenge even for lvl 50 with legendary top tier equipment. only issue with them is the changes to critical hits system. The increased drop chance for them so far has not caused them to drop anything even with luck buff :(.

    New Critical hits system: Nice and not nice, it seems to have shifted from hardly ever getting a critical to nearly every other attack giving a critical. This is having a real negative effect with top tier champs as they rarely hit you with non critical hits, and the only counter for this is the spell Entangle and that's not working, hard to tell if it was working before update coz most ppl never suffered from them to make it a useful spell to take into battle (well I rarely suffered from them).

    Fixed some broken monster: Its good that the broken attacks that some monster had (shade, necro stone demon) now have a go back, and that some monsters have new attacks and defences.

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