All monsters are killable with Magic Arrow x2 + Magic Shield sequence

  • Magic Arrow (tier 1)
    Magic Arrow (tier 1)
    Magic Shield (tier 1)
    ... lather, rinse, repeat. Sometimes I put the shield first, for variety.

    I am now player level 7 and explorer 10... I have five of the absolute basic items equipped (med book, hood, jacket, necklace, wand)... and that sequence will kill every monster I can find, and I generally do well enough to kill two monsters before I need to do any healing (if I start first battle at 170 max hp).

    Is this combo supposed to be that powerful?

  • You are near level 10, have items and found a combination which works for the current set of creatures. Not everyone knows or experiments as much or are as well equipped.

    Usually, the trend is to scrape through at the lower levels (1-5; 10-15; etc....) and then kill faster at the later levels.

    They'll be adjusting Creature stats soon, as per their FB update a few hours ago. So we'll see.

    I'd like to also add that different people have different styles. Mine is to deal small amounts of damage, yet use them to heal and keep full health at the end of each battle. Sustenance over speed kills. That way, i save on potion $$ or the need to walk to recover health. =D

    EDIT: the next set of creatures will have more skills at their disposal and one might have to change style. However, the biggest challenge will be PVP - impossible to determine which skills they will bring to the battle, therefore, impossible to counter.

  • @aristos

    It is for the tier one monsters yes. Tier two are a little tougher but not by much. Tier three even more but still not too tough.

    I heard from a little bird that this will change in future updates and monsters will get harder. Try a stone demon when you get to see them at 10th. Again, not impossible but tougher than an imp.

  • Global Moderator

    The new update coming out will not only change stats and skills available to the monsters, but also the AI as to how they use their skills. Monster combat will become a little more dangerous in the near future.

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