Basilisk trouble?

  • Honestly, after the update, I am having trouble casting half of the spells. And I am really having trouble against the Basilisk. Ever since I turned level 44,that's the only monster I see around my house. Unless I use an Aroma potion.
    Basilisk wins every time. Because he crits a lot. I know there is a spell that prevents crits, but I don't last past the first or second cycle. So, if you have him beat, can you please post a video of you killing a Basilisk?

  • Took me awhile before I could beat them, you need good defence and evasion (higher evasion reduces their crit chance). Helps to have some good equipment as Well. Entangle is supposed to block critical hit but is broken.

  • Basilisk is definitely the toughest monster out there and is near impossible when you first encounter him, especially if they let them loose at level 40 now instead of 45.

    I was not able to beat them until I could gear up enough, and that was when healing was still good. Now you really need to be able to take the hits and dish them back. One thing you can try to do is use Mirrored Destiny to target the big Demon Stings and especially the finishing Sting Shower when you are low HP, since that should hit them back for quite a big chunk while saving yourself.

    I'd take a video to show you, but I just power through him at my current gear level. Champion Basilisks are a different story, 1skull is doable, 2-3skull are pretty much suicide still.

  • @stevenrice I was hoping to get an answer that told me exactly what spells to use, and when to use them. I wasn't hoping to hear shit about my wrong gear or spending the level points wrong.
    It's funny, after I posted this question, I stopped seeing any Basilisk's around my house. So I can't even try other methods. Unless I use an Allure potion.

  • Steal, Mirrored Destiny for Sting Shower
    Magic Shield, Sense Danger, Infirm always up as much as possible
    Heat Up when he's overheating
    Obscurement after the first few turns and keep it up.

    Tell us your spells, gear and stats if you want real feedback. Otherwise don't be so rude...

  • @stevenrice this is how I take them as a rogue

  • @antony-hollinsworth Thanks. I haven't even seen a Basilisk in a while.

  • @stevenrice here's my Warden vs. Basilisk

  • @rollingcod Sorry man. I'm never TRYING to be rude. I just seem that way because I traumatically injured my brain 6 years ago. But, because of all my gaming, my brain is fine. I just get misinterpreted a lot. My Pally is wearing a full Fullmetal gear set. Here's some stats of my level 44 Paladin. I spent very few points on Evasion. 0_1526613969390_Screenshot_20180517-232236_Maguss.jpg

    I'm not showing every spell I use. Just a few. But I have almost every spell purchased, and available to use. I do use Mirrored Destiny, Vitalise, Regrowth, and Sense Danger. I should prolly add the Magic Sheild. I'm determined to beat the Basilisk, because he almost phased me off of this game. I'm thinking about starting a new Rogue as an Alt toon.

  • Magic shield will only be any good if you already a high defence, as with your current defence it will only add 5.

  • @stevenrice
    You might want to try opening with
    Infirm and cool breeze
    Then try a demon sting (demon sting increases in power every hit) and heal combo to keep your health up. If your struggling to hit with demon sting try to use DF and heal.
    Basilisks stinger shower only does high damage if your health is low. So when it used it's 5 slot then double serious wounds. To keep heath up.
    Try to manage your heat and try to keep infirm going.
    As IV never played a paladin it's hard to give advise as it plays very different from rogue.

  • @stevenrice Your build is focused on offense with high empower and crit stats, and has little defensive stats. Since you won't be able to outlast the Basilisk, even with healing, you need to try to restrict its ability to go on offense while you dish out the damage. The defense buffs are not very effective in your case since, as Antony noted, you get minimal bonus from them: +5 defense from Magic Shield, and +15 defense from Sense Danger. Healing will be cut off by Numbness, so that is not reliable. Some combination of Heat Up when Basilisk hits 12-15 heat and Mirror to stop damage is likely your best bet.

    At this point, I'd advise that you focus on leveling up and getting some better gear before trying to take down Basilisk. As I noted before, Basilisk is the toughest monster in the game and was a challenge even at level 50 with the buffed healing. At level 44, its highly unlikely you will be able to defeat it.

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